Indians sell gold jewellery as covid pandemic causes financial crisis

The Covid pandemic has affected economies at both macro and micro levels. On one hand, the pandemic has pushed big organizations into losses and bankruptcy. On the other hand, households


Advantages of investing in gold

Gold is a multi-faceted metal; it is not only a prized ornament but also a foolproof investment. Almost all households in India pass gold ornaments and heirlooms from one generation


Facing financial issues due to COVID-19? Use your gold to bail you out!

COVID-19 began in the last month of 2019, continued to spread its wings in 2020, and now 2021 has seen an unprecedented wave of the pandemic. No surprise, there has


Is it Advisable to Take a Gold Loan or Sell Gold When in Need of Instant Money?

There is no argument that Indians have one of the largest gold stocks in the world. Can you beat it that Indian women have almost 11% of the world’s gold

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