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Are you worried about getting the best price in return for your silver jewellery? It is true that selling silver is not as easy and hassle-free as buying them.

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In a country like India, gold is considered as the most precious metal.
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Right after gold comes silver in the list. It is kept in various forms such as anklets, silver coins, utensils and many more. People also invest in silver items right after gold and diamond as a standard mode of investment. However, there may come a time when you will need to liquidate these assets to tackle any immediate financial trouble and there comes the need for an authentic buyer. We, at Jewels Planet, ensure just that to you as we buy your silver in return of instant hassle-free payment.

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Jewels Planet is an “ISO 9001:2015 certified company”

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We at Jewels Planet employ non-destructive X-Ray Fluorescence German technology to assess your gold.

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We can give you cash for gold or pay via cheque or transfer it online over IMPS/RTGS as per your preference.

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No matter in what form you have your silver in, be it anklets, coins or utensils, we at Jewels Planet accept everything. What we lay stress on is ultimate customer satisfaction and we are here to help you. For instant payment, selling your silver items to us is a feasible option as we have garnered the reputation of being the top silver buyer in Delhi who gives you cash for silver as one of the payment options.

Visit us and we will help you to sell your silver through a secure and transparent process. Our staff is trained enough to tackle any of your requirements or answer any query that you may have while selling. By educating our customers, we look to share our expertise and offer you peace of mind that you rightfully deserve.

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Your reason behind selling silver may vary. So, can the type of valuables that you bring to us. At Jewels Planet, you can sell your silver any form in return of the much-needed instant payment that you can immediately make use of. We are the leader in buying silver with a reputation for a reason and it is time you find out why in person.

We follow a clean and precise procedure to buy your silver.
  • Your silver items are checked using German-made purity checking machines.
  • We also offer you instant computerised testing lab report certificate to check the purity of silver that will help in evaluating the true purity of your silver.
  • After the testing process is over, we will quote you the best possible rate according to the purity and the current market rate.
  • We pay you instantly by cash/cheque/IMPS/RTGS as per your preference.
We Are 100% Focus on Consumer Satisfaction.

We provide fully transparent and secure process to evaluate your precious ornaments

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The best silver buyer in Delhi

Jewels Planet does not use touchstone and not even employ any acid testing technique to check the purity of silver. Neither do we transact or discuss over the phone to rope you in with lucrative offers. We believe in maintaining trust with our customers at every step and this value as propelled us to become the pioneers of this industry.

So, when you are looking for places that buy gold and silver near me, think Jewels Planet. We give you the price that you deserve to get in exchange for your assets.

NOTE: The minimum quantity for selling Silver should be atleast 500gms.

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