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How to Choose the Best Gold Buyer in Delhi? 5 Invaluable Tips for You

If only selling your gold was as easy as buying it! This statement must have crossed your mind multiple times as the number of factors that could go wrong is truly endless. When you are about to liquidate your valuables, you are probably already in a precarious situation. That is the moment when small-time buyers try their best to trick you and look to make a profit out of your desperate situation. But you can really stay away from such unethical agents by keeping in mind a few simple tips in choosing the best gold buyer in Delhi . No matter what situation you are in, run your selected store through the following pointers.

1. Check their payment method before visiting

You do not want to find yourself in a situation where you kept your end of the transaction by handing over your gold but the buyer delays the payment process by citing unreasonable excuses. Whether it is through cash or cheque, you are entitled to get paid instantly after all the standard procedure is done, so that you can take care of your bothersome situation immediately. Go for those buyers who promise you spot payment, and that too, over any mode convenient for you.

2. Avoid discussing rates over the phone

If the gold buyer you are talking to insists on discussing price over the phone, hang up immediately and look for someplace else. As an informed customer, you must already know that the buying/selling rate of gold is ever-changing and the price you are entitled to today will vary tomorrow. Once you settle on a rate today, the seller will use it to their advantage if the rate rises tomorrow and you will have no way out. So, stick to gold buyers who refrain from discussing price over the phone and requests you to come down to their store instead.

3. Inquire about their testing and purity check processes

Now, your natural expectation is to get the exact cash equivalent for your gold and you will want your buyer to accurately weigh the valuables you took along and pay the price as per its exact purity. The era of beam balances and acid testing are gone. No modern gold buyer will resort to such vintage measures to weigh and check your gold. Look for outlets with digital weighing machines and computerized purity checkers so that you have the peace in your mind that you will truly get your deserved value.

4. See if they take gold in any form

Not everyone possesses gold in ornament form. You may have gold coins or bars or used gold that you inherited in some way. A proper gold buyer in Delhi will see your gold possession as it is, as a precious metal, and will not differentiate in the manner in which you bring it in. As long as it is not obtained illegally, authentic buyers will not turn you away and ensure a transparent and secure procedure to get you your cash equivalent. Enquire beforehand if your chosen buyer accepts the form of gold you have. You do not want to be left stranded after you arrive at the outlet.

5. Go through online reviews about the store

The best way to predict your experience at the store is to look into the experiences of the past customers of the outlet that you are about to visit. Such people will share genuine views as they do not have an ulterior motive to make a sale. If a number of customers have returned happy from the store, there is a higher possibility that you will end up with a similar outcome as well. Use the power of the internet. Check Google reviews of the outlet. It goes without saying that the brand with the highest number of positive reviews should top your list of choices.

Jewels Planet is one such gold buyer who offers you with the utmost ease of gold selling and eliminates all the undue hassles from the process. We do offer you spot payment. We also use German technology and instant computerised lab testing report to check your gold’s purity and give you the best return. Select the top gold buyer in Delhi and sell your gold instantly. It is your valuable and you do not deserve to face any complications.

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