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Wondering where to sell your gold in Delhi without bill? We have the solution

Everybody loves to invest in gold because gold is a precious metal and it gives amazing returns when someone is in real need of it. You can either take a loan against your gold jewellery or you can get cash for gold by selling it to a trusted gold buyer. Taking a loan against gold is not a very convenient way as it results in making you over burdened with heavy interests later on. Sometimes you have to pay a fine for the late payment of interests and at the time of recovery of your gold jewellery you always have to pay more than the actual loan amount. So if you want to make best use of your unused gold jewellery then you can sell it at the time of need. But finding a trusted gold buyer has been a tough task always. If you want to sell your gold in Delhi without a bill then you are at the right place.

How to find a genuine gold buyer in Delhi?

Finding a trusted gold buyer in Delhi is always harder than the process of selling the gold for cash. So you need to do proper research about whom you want to sell your gold. You can search online about the gold buyers in Delhi . Go through their websites and read the reviews posted by the real customers. Sometimes the gold buyers lure you with attractive prices over the phone and when you meet them personally you get a different price for your assets. So try to visit the gold buyers personally instead of talking with them over phone because your personal research will help you to choose the genuine gold buyer in Delhi.

Where to sell your gold in Delhi without bill?

1. If you want to sell your gold without a bill then you have the best solutions at our outlet in Karol Bagh. At Jewels Planet we provide our customers with the authentic computerised valuation system to make the proper evaluation of their gold jewellery. We maintain honesty and transparency with our customers during the whole process. The gold is measured and goes through a quality check by our trained staff right under the customer’s supervision.
2. You get instant payment as cash/ cheque/ IMPS/RTGS against your gold as per your request without any hassles.
3. We maintain full transparency with our customers regarding all the information about the quality and purity check process we use at our outlet. And we believe in giving you the best price of your gold assets as you are selling them directly to the owners themselves.

People often get troubled at the time of selling their gold to gold buyers in Delhi by not getting the proper value for their gold jewellery. But at our outlet we try to maintain the level of honesty high with our customers and ensure them the best cash for gold. We have been serving our customers for quite a long time and have managed to establish us as a trusted gold buyer in Delhi with more than 12000 happy customers.

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