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Best Bridal Jewellery trends to watch

Wedding season is a season of anticipation. When brides and grooms await a day when they’ll see wear their best clothes and make the commitment of their lifetime. Wedding season also brings to light the best trends in wedding clothing and jewellery. Every year sees the arrival of newer trends in ornaments and bridal wear that traverses from the fashion magazines to the jewellery stores.

Bridal jewellery is exquisitely made of precious metals and stones like gold, platinum, emerald, diamond or ruby to name a few. The ornaments that a bride picks up for her big day depends on her choices and you can sell your old jewellery or sell gold coins at the best place to sell gold, get cash for gold and buy the latest  jewellery to dazzle on your wedding day.

If you are planning to marry this wedding season or looking to invest in ornaments for a wedding in the future, here is a handy guide of the latest trends in wedding jewellery in this wedding season.

Diamonds- A woman’s best friend

Diamonds are dainty and reflect a lot of light making them the best choice for a night wedding. When crafted discreetly in to the metal, the shine of a diamond is unbeatable making an elegant and sophisticated statement. The stunning simplicity of diamonds can add elegance to the wedding look if paired with the right kind of wedding dress and make up. Dazzle in the delicate grandeur of diamond jewellery on your big day.

Classic Temple jewellery

Ask a south Indian about what are the latest trends in jewellery and pat comes the reply, vintage Temple Jewellery. They are crafted of gold and are heavy, usually embellished with red and green stones that are expensive.

Colourful explosion of colours

The makeup tones are nude and neutral but the latest jewellery trends are evolving and point towards colourful ornaments that is an explosion of bold colours. Such pieces can add vibrancy to a monochrome look. One needs to pair them with the right kind of clothes for example, orange coloured neckpiece should be paired with wedding dresses that have bright and bold colours.

Delicate styles

Delicate pieces are making a come back this wedding season. Tiny pearlsp on rings and hoo earrings with pearl in the centre and more, will add subtle elegance to your appearance as a bride. From delicate pearl hoops to exquisite bracelets, delicate ornaments will accentuate the look of the modern millenial woman.

Double Stranded necklaces

These are signature pieces that must can be worn on their own or with minimal ornaments. When you wear this kind of jewellery , make sure that you do not wear too many pieces else it will look extravagant and garish.

Mahappati jewellery

Embellished with sparkling stones and inspired by the Mughals, Mahapatti jewellery adds grace to the bride’s look. This is another traditional way of adorning yourself with traditional ornaments on your D-day.

Engagement rings

These can either be delicate or vintage heavy pieces depending on your choice. Whatever may be your choice for an engagement ring, make sure that you personalise it so that it reflects your love for your special someone.

Sabyasachi Bridal choker

This piece transcends boundaries and looks royal and fashionable. It can be paired with a heavy lehenga or a dress that is elegant and dainty.

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