Facing financial issues due to COVID-19? Use your gold to bail you out!

COVID-19 began in the last month of 2019, continued to spread its wings in 2020, and now 2021 has seen an unprecedented wave of the pandemic.

No surprise, there has been unemployment and financial losses due to the pandemic that surged not only in India but across the world. And as the economists foresee, this financial setback will have long-term consequences as many businesses have suffered the wrath of COVID-19.


But, don’t lose heart. You must’ve heard the famous English proverb, “Save for a rainy day”; this means keeping aside an asset that can be used later when needed.

Most Indians have savings in the form of gold that could be jewellery, heirlooms, or even coins. Gold is one of the most precious assets that can bail one out of a financial crunch.

Therefore, do not fret if you have an important function like a marriage ceremony coming up or you need money for an education loan. Your gold, silver, or diamond jewellery can come to your rescue.

Where to sell gold for instant cash flow?

You must be awestruck to see attractive billboards across the city that claim to transform your gold jewellery into instant cash.

And of course, not all gold buying shops are genuine. The gold-buying market is rife with fraudsters ready to dupe you of your assets and pilfer the money that you deserve against your valuables. The worst part is that you may not even understand their manipulative strategies and gimmicks instantly. And, by the end of the deal, you may end up falling victim to their well-laid trap.

So, what to look for when trying to sell gold? How to find out if the buyer is trustworthy?

Most importantly, you should look for a distinguished buyer who is transparent with his customers. The honesty and integrity of a gold buyer should set him apart from its counterparts. Also, explore if the buyer is well-equipped with the latest technology to minimize any chance of goof-up.

The best thing about a fair gold buyer is that he takes personal interest in educating the customers with the gold selling procedure. A genuine buyer never pushes customers into selling gold with him. An authentic buyer ensures that the entire selling process is done right in front of customers with full transparency and honesty.

Another important aspect is the professional and well-trained staff of the gold buyer that guides customers throughout the selling process. A well-established buyer will go extra mile to bring a smile to the faces of customers by recruiting courteous staff.

What should one remember while seeking cash for gold?

It is not under normal circumstances that one sells gold, diamond, or silver jewellery. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that the buyer whom you seek is authentic and trustworthy. Of course, you will look for the best places to sell gold jewellery in Delhi.

  1. The gold buyer should evaluate your jewellery pieces irrespective of their shape, size, and condition. It does not matter whether they are broken, in use, or lying unused for years. So, if you have a broken stud or a missing earring, do not fret. A genuine buyer should give the highest value even against your most forgotten jewels.
  2. We recommend visiting a gold buyer who has been in the market for quite many years and has a valuable experience. It is obvious that such a buyer has carved out a niche in the market through years of hard work and commendable services.
  3. Do not get too enthralled by a gold buyer who has many stores in different corners of the city. Many authentic gold buyers shine because of their exclusivity.
  4. It is in your favor that you do proper homework and research before trading your jewels. Always look for the current price in the market and do your calculations before heading to a gold buyer. This will make you more confident and knowledgeable.

All the above-mentioned points plus our location in the heart of the city makes Jewels Planet a convenient buyer to visit.

Our customers are our strength. We pride ourselves in being one of the few gold buyers who have the maximum number of returning customers.

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