Indians sell gold jewellery as covid pandemic causes financial crisis

The Covid pandemic has affected economies at both macro and micro levels. On one hand, the pandemic has pushed big organizations into losses and bankruptcy. On the other hand, households have suffered major financial setbacks. Many professionals have lost their jobs. The wrath of the pandemic is so grave that in many families, the sole earning member has lost the source of income.

Though many people have tried to seek another profession or start a business afresh, not all have been lucky.

The economic upheaval caused by the second wave is much higher. People already had financial distress during the first wave. With extended lockdowns and job losses, the situation is far more worse.

In such a scenario, people have no choice but to sell their gold jewellery to make ends meet.

According to statistics, not only the middle class but typically farmers and small-time entrepreneurs are also selling their gold to beat the financial cripple. Many sellers have unloaded their bracelets, necklaces, and rings for getting a little cash to help them sail through tough economic times.

This is the safest option for most people because they don’t feel obligated to anyone by taking a loan and have no interest to pay later.

Also, people rely on selling gold during dire straits as gold can be easily liquidated. Other assets like property and stocks need proper planning and time to sell.

In this light, isn’t it ideal to look for a gold buyer who promises fair value and honest dealing? One should essentially focus on following pointers while seeking a gold buyer

  1. Transparency in the gold-selling process
  2. Professional testing equipment
  3. Honest opinion about your assets
  4. No pressure to sell your gold
  5. A smooth and hassle free dealing
  6. Knowledgeable and courteous staff
  7. The fair value of your gold pieces
  8. Instant payment against sold gold

If you are looking for a gold buyer in Delhi, then Jewels Planet is your ultimate bet. It fills all the requirements that one demands of a trustworthy gold buyer.

Just to conclude, the Covid pandemic has also brought a highly symbolic transformation. Many consumers have shifted from spending on luxuries like travel, spas, or restaurants during COVID-19, and have made an emotional investment by buying gold jewellery. In fact, investors and wealth builders globally are advocating owning gold for the first time since the Covid pandemic started. It is more because the global stock markets have been fluctuating into uncharted territory due to COVID; experts are predicting that gold prices could reach a record high in the future.

The best part about investing in gold is that the yellow metal is recyclable and maintains its value. It assures customers that they are making an intelligent investment by buying gold. Buying gold is undeniably a safe store for money.

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