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Beware! Never Make These 5 Blunders While Selling Your Gold

In India, gold works as a significant asset that can be used in the time of financial crisis. It can be used as an investment also as gold prices in India are always on the rising side. It is the easiest mode to get cash but with so many benefits, there are some limitations also involved. With so many gold buyers providing cash against gold in the market, it becomes difficult to choose the right buyer. You should understand certain important things before jumping into a decision. Apart from this, there are certain mistakes which people often make while selling their precious jewellery. We have listed the top five of them. Have a quick look at them before making the choice.

Mistakes People Commit While Selling Gold

  • Not Selling to a Genuine Buyer: This is the biggest blunder people make because of so many options available in the market. It is always recommended to do proper research about the authenticity and trustworthiness of your buyer, especially if you are selling your gold for the first time. And even if you search online for gold buyers in Delhi, many names will arise. And it will never be a rational decision to choose only the first option you get because many buyers use different tactics to appear at the top. A good way is to go through the websites of all of them and read their testimonials. I personally found Jewels Planet very trustworthy. Genuine and professional buyer, like Jewels Planet, not only will give you the best deal, but also will get you the right kind of information.
  • Testing Methods: Most of the gold buyers use traditional methods for testing the authenticity of gold, but these methods are obsolete and can damage your precious item too. Thus, always go to a good gold buyer like Jewels Planet, who use computerized gold testing lab report to check to evaluate the value and purity of your gold ornaments. Their valuation system is extremely authentic.
  • Selling in a Hurry: A common mistake which some people make is selling their gold in rush. There can be multiple reasons for it, but we genuinely recommend you to step back and take some time out for selling your precious item. Because, while selling in a hurry you may not have your gold item properly evaluated. Therefore, try to avoid it.s
  • Not knowing the Precious Metal’s Worth: A small but costly mistake that people can make is not being aware of the value of their gold. If you do not know your gold’s worth, you will not be able to reject offers that seem too low or unfair.
  • Choosing a Buyer With too Many Middlemen: People may not notice it but, when you choose a buyer who have too many middlemen involved or have several stores, lack the professionalism. However, unlike others there are no middlemen involved at Jewels Planet. You will sell your gold directly to the “founding father” i.e. owner. Here, you will not have to interact with inadequately trained staff and get a safe and secure environment.
  • Other Traps: A lot of sellers fall into the trap of extra facilities provided by buyers. Facilities like free drop and pick up of gold, showing fake “satisfied” buyers on their websites, etc. However, unlike many, Jewels Planet has all the genuine and satisfied sellers listed.

So, now you know what not to do when selling your gold. Make sure you never commit these mistakes and make a safe & secure transaction. Also, with a phase like this in India where the economy is shrinking, the need for cash can arise at any point of time and the world is filled with untrustworthy dealers who do not care about your needs at all. However, a brand like Jewels Planet not only promises transparency, integrity, and quality of service but guarantees it.

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